Our Mission

The aim of Twelve Tails Family Farm is to reestablish and maintain a sustainable family farm that is a legacy for future generations. We are confident that by being good stewards of the land and operating our farm in a healthy balance with the natural environment, the farm will provide our family with the opportunity to continue to do meaningful work here indefinitely.  We are a year three transitional organic farm and will be eligible for organic certification in June of 2018.

Our Cattle

Our herd of Black Angus cattle is raised from calf to finish on our farm. They are rotated through transitional organic pastures during the growing season to optimize foraging and to bring fertility to the soil. We have selected our breeding stock to be mild-tempered, good mothers, that do well on a grass-based diet. In fact, all of the cattle on our farm, with the exception of the bull, are descendants of our original cow that we purchased in 2009. Our cattle are 100% grass fed and offered free-choice minerals. We finish our feeder cattle at approximately 18 months old.

Our Broiler Chickens

This summer we plan to raise three flocks, of 100 birds each, of Cornish Cross broiler chickens. This breed has been specially selected for efficient feed conversion and its broad breast. The chicks arrive at our farm at 1-3 days old, and are kept inside the brooder for the first week or so until they are mature enough to go outside. From then on, they are raised exclusively outside, on transitional organic grass pasture in chicken tractors. A chicken tractor is a moveable chicken house, without a floor. It allows the birds access to scratch for insects and forage, while protecting them from harsh weather and predators.  We move each chicken tractor one or two times each day to assure they are always on the fresh grass. This also assures that the chickens are kept clean without the need for additional bedding. We finish our broiler chickens at approximately seven weeks of age.  *New in 2017: We are excited to note that the poultry feed ration provided for our broiler chickens is USDA certified organic.

Our Turkeys

Our flock of White Broad-breasted turkey poults will arrive on our farm this summer at 1-3 days old. As soon as they are large enough, they will be moved out of the brooder and raised outside, on transitional organic grass pasture. By finishing our turkeys on pasture, and moving them daily, they are allowed the opportunity to graze on grass, forage for insects, and are assured to always be clean, without a need for bedding.  We will finish the turkeys around 16 weeks old and have them ready by Thanksgiving. *New for 2017: We are excited to note that the poultry feed ration provided for our turkeys in USDA certified organic.

Our Laying Hens

Our flock of approximately 25 laying hens spend their days in a cage free chicken coop: a re-purposed grain bin which has now been outfitted with homemade nesting boxes and an outdoor run.  They production red breed that lays brown eggs and has been specifically selected for our farm based on egg production as well as their ability to tolerate both extreme hot and cold weather.